Go Ahead – Be Evil

“Don’t be evil” – Google. What a crock of shit. The surest way to get someone to do something evil is to suggest the very idea that they might in fact make a choice that is evil. This phrase is the motto enshrined in Google’s ‘Code of Conduct’. Thought of as a breakthrough in corporate culture in the early 2000s, this phrase amounts to a shell inside of which shadowy firms feign just enough transparency to win customer trust while siphoning personal data for sale to foreign nations. Continue reading

How to Tell if Your Work Mentor Just Wants You to Work More

We’ve all started out on the bottom rung of the totem pole when it comes to making the supreme cut for that top dog senior manager title. I can recall the countless years proving myself as a landlord for my father’s property management company where I pushed myself to the limits of my working ability each and every weekend. As a former apartment manger (now copywriter), I am driven by those that I look up too.  More importantly; I’ve learned that what matters most to higher-ups, managers, and senior vice presidents are RESULTS.

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The Only Way To Unlock Disruptive Revenue

The days of recurring and simple revenue are behind us. The production of simple goods, an oversaturated day dream. Some might call it the “American Dream”, though I’m inclined to call it pre-owned revenue.

There’s nothing groundbreaking within the model of pre-owned revenue. The ideas aren’t unique, the patents are stable and idle. What you need now is something disruptive and pave-the-unwalken-road-worthy. Look at the Ubers, the Zenefits of the world. What does ride share and insurance have in common? The answer is easy, they have disruptive revenue, unshackled from the pre-made solutions of a time past.

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