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Tate “The Tickle System” Plough

VP National Sales


Work hard, play hard!
It starts with dialing and it ends in dollars. From the beginning of my career, I had to learn how to climb the ladder. The answer came quickly, but the words later.
“The Tickle System”, a scalable sales strategy, has netted me a summer property in Cape Cod, three sales leadership awards, a Tesla Model S (Red Multi-Coat), and the free-time to teach others.
I’m here because I care about seeing the next generation move forward. It’s not about idea-itis, entrepreneurship, or any other such nonsense. Read my articles and learn more about how to scale your oneself to be many, and to earn like an entire sales workforce.


Carin Lain

former Chief Operating Officer

Express Scripts

Marin County, a place of peace!
‘Who is Carin Lain’
I ask myself this every day. It keeps me honest and allows me to center myself. If I can’t identify myself, how can my teams identify themselves. I’m Carin Lain and I believe leadership starts from me.
I’m passionate about team building and have a proven track record on success in all formats of corporate retail. Leadership doesn’t stop there. I’m a proud mother of three children and my career has been focused on improving the world for the next generation. Those improvements start with any time you’re a part of, whether it’s at work, school, or in your family. There’s always benefit to leaning in a little bit to make the best of this time we share on earth.
I’m thrilled to join The Skip Level and be able to share my leadership strategies for the benefit of the world.


Judy Burnly

Director of Marketing

“Realist” @ Yahoo News

Yep, that’s me.
The universe is vast and impressive and all I can manage to contribute to its enormity is a deluge of marketing spam.
I hate myself. My editor insists that I expand on this bio more, as though anyone is reading this and really needs to know what my background is to decide whether following my blog is warranted. You know why following me is warranted? Well, it’s not. But neither is following Gary Vaynerchuck and people seemed perfectly happy subscribing to his doctrine of utter drivel. Is this enough words yet, Carin?


D. Marcus Thraven

Creative Director


D. Marcus Thraven
Cursed with Creativity.
I am a digital marketer, thought-leader, creative strategist, writer, copywriter, polymath, vocabulary enthusiast, Tumblr-blog sommelier, and a bunch of other neat things too. I work with brands who need to stand out from the noise and take their marketing game TO THE NEXT LEVEL.
As founder and owner of DMT Creative, I take pride in using my copywriting word-sounds and strategic-insight idea things to deliver KICK ASS results that light marketing strategies on fire WITH A MATCH.
I make digital content go through the roof; delivering business results that bring down the house; Lit content that is literally in flames.
Is your B2B industry whitepaper on Tinder? I didn’t think so. Swipe Left.


Shel “Real Deal” Twibischt


Confidence businessman in suit standing
Takin’ care of business (every day)!
The Idaho Statesman refers to me as the “Ideas Guy” and I take this title to heart. I’m a serial entrepreneur, founding eight different start-ups including an online talent agency, two tech start-ups and two national award-winning marketing agencies.
I caught the entrepreneurial bug early, launching my first venture as a teenager selling advertisements on restaurant placemats. From these humble beginnings, I am now considered a marketing demigod. Today, I dedicate myself to paying it forward by helping others realize their true potential.