Small Slice, Big Pie

I always tip my barista. Even if it’s just for a small coffee, I tip. The smile as they hand me my first cup of coffee grounds me in simple humanity that reinforces the small connections we share that make this great ecosystem go around. You can’t quantify the impact of a smile. Trust me, my team tried. 

The numbers were just all over the map. Those intangible effects are becoming more and more critical as we move into an age where inputs are able to be measured to some downstream impact miles away.

As I head into my building with my coffee I greet the reception and security staff. More smiles, sometimes even a wave. As I enter the elevator I’m side by side with a member of our custodial staff. I ask a probing question, “what do you do here?” He responds back, “Well, I clean bathrooms, take out garbage, replenish kitchen supplies and then other projects as they come up.” I stopped him right there, “No you don’t, you create value for customers.” I exited the elevator with a smile on my face whose effect rippled across every person I encountered on the way to my office.  

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