The Only Way To Unlock Disruptive Revenue

The days of recurring and simple revenue are behind us. The production of simple goods, an oversaturated day dream. Some might call it the “American Dream”, though I’m inclined to call it pre-owned revenue.

There’s nothing groundbreaking within the model of pre-owned revenue. The ideas aren’t unique, the patents are stable and idle. What you need now is something disruptive and pave-the-unwalken-road-worthy. Look at the Ubers, the Zenefits of the world. What does ride share and insurance have in common? The answer is easy, they have disruptive revenue, unshackled from the pre-made solutions of a time past.

Silicon Valley has expanded through to the Silicon Forrest and Silicon Beach. There are folks who see what we see. So where do you start?

  1. The Name: Make it catchy, make it splashy. Don’t call it e-Brand, heck don’t even call it. Make it, name it. Think back to “Zen” and “Uber”, they create a new frontier built on a name not a service. Example: We are solving for the payday loan industry. Don’t call it eLoan, think back to the experience. What do you most want from a loan? Financial freedom! So we have our building block and can mix it in with the end goal. FreeSum.
  2. The Logo: If you build it, they will come. Ship this feature out to India and focus more on VC investments.
  3. The ModelDon’t go pre-owned, don’t invest in a storefront or building where another business has been. Lease from the old Payday Loan spot? Better off digging your own grave. Go online, establish a presence. Read it out loud. I Owe.
  4. The Funding: Buy a g-mail for business account. Bust your ass on the pitch, but let the name do a lot of the talking. Fire those e-mails off to VCs, to competitors, to everyone who even dares touch your space. Disrupt their day and by night you’ll be lined up to expand financially.

It really is that easy. Check back for more soon and remember, nothing good comes pre-owned.


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