Treat Yourself Like Number One by Leveraging Number Two

I make no secret about pushing for equality in the workplace. Coming up in the tech world as a woman was no easy task and it’s not any easier for the women who came after me. The big changes will come as the hard work of this generation of women will come through in the attitude and demeanor of the generation that follows us. We wait eagerly for these big changes but I constantly get questions from my mentees about what they can do today to make an impact for equality in the workplace. Like anything else, change starts with ourselves. How can our small behaviors today lead to greater changes tomorrow? Sometimes, it’s about what happens behind closed doors. Continue reading

The Real Healthcare Package

The state of healthcare in this nation has been a hot button issue for decades. Not a month goes by that our Leadership Reviews highlight the critical nature of healthcare for our employees. Healthcare is the second largest expense for a team behind salary so it’s no wonder that corporate culture will do anything to drive down these costs. I don’t believe in lobbyists. I don’t believe that the government will be able to get anything done.

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Small Slice, Big Pie

I always tip my barista. Even if it’s just for a small coffee, I tip. The smile as they hand me my first cup of coffee grounds me in simple humanity that reinforces the small connections we share that make this great ecosystem go around. You can’t quantify the impact of a smile. Trust me, my team tried. 

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Go Ahead – Be Evil

“Don’t be evil” – Google. What a crock of shit. The surest way to get someone to do something evil is to suggest the very idea that they might in fact make a choice that is evil. This phrase is the motto enshrined in Google’s ‘Code of Conduct’. Thought of as a breakthrough in corporate culture in the early 2000s, this phrase amounts to a shell inside of which shadowy firms feign just enough transparency to win customer trust while siphoning personal data for sale to foreign nations. Continue reading

A Village of Glass Houses

Those who live in glass houses can’t get jealous.

When you walk into my team area you’ll see numbers everywhere. We collaborate over whiteboards in open areas to showcase our ideas not only to our immediate team but to encourage collaboration with people who may be passing by. You’ll see numbers on spreadsheets laid across desks as analysts pour over numbers to steer us to our next record quarterly sales growth. You’ll see the number of customers served on an automatic ticker, constantly going up. But the most important number that you’ll see in our workspace is on the walls next to our desks. It’s our salaries. 

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You’re Being Lied To, Start Laughing

Closing is an art form unknown to Van Gogh and Emily Dickinson. It’s an art form hidden in the shadows, driving every part of our society. Who took Van Gogh and Emily Dickinson and made them household names? We may never know, but without them there would be no money to be made in the world of art.

It’s the art of the close that drives society towards its ultimate end goal of Revenue.

In the age of brilliance, with ideas at our digital fingertips, it is the job of the closer to spoon feed these rich and creamy ideas into the mouth of babes. You ask, as Carin did, “Tate, how can we close? How does one sell their ideas?” And just like so many other times in my life, I said, “Carin, close your eyes and get ready for the spoon.”

Here are the top three ways you can close more business:

The White Lie

“I judge people based on their capability, honesty, and merit.” – DJT

In the early days of my career I learned the value of a little white lie. Someone asks for something reasonable, and you tell them you can accommodate them, but not immediately. White lies are like purchasing yourself a cookie at Starbucks. It’s not why you came there, but it’s nice to buy yourself a little treat. In the end, no one is the wiser and you have the room you need to utilize the tricks and tips below.

The Business Laugh

If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” – Harvey Weinstein quoting Marilyn Monroe

Mask the rhythm of your calculations and dismiss the “um’s” and “ah’s” that so frequently take up sales conversations. Everything is fun and nothing matters. Deals? Who’s worried about deals? Not you. You’re just there to guide your client towards the fun. Take them out for wine, ask them about their career. Care for them and they’ll return the favor. All you have to do is ask.


“Any man whose errors take ten years to correct is quite a man.” – Robert Oppenheimer

Your job is to craft a story. You’re not selling broomsticks, you’re selling a clean porch. You’re not selling a SaaS product, you’re selling more time with the family. It’s not about the product, it’s not about anything solid. It’s the liquid truth spewing forth from laughing lips that seals the deal. Go ahead and paint them a picture, just make sure you sell it to them afterwards.

P.S. Should you think your client knows these tricks pull out the biggest showstopper of all. Cry, and cry deep. Your pet has died, your spouse has passed on, you’re just one good cry away from that summer home ;).


Using Human-Centered Design and Disruptive Thinking to Get More Email Addresses

As a creative, I pride myself on being a technologist. From ordering pizza online at 4:30am to switching on my home Sonos from Tahiti while my kids are sleeping, technology is part of our daily lives. If you work in marketing, then you’ve probably run up against something called “user experience” or “x-factor” for short. As marketers, we need to take a cue from the tobacco industry and learn how our products affect everyday humans, catering our design-thinking to generate more leads and speak to new audiences. Like Philipp Morris, we need to DISRUPT, COERCE, and INFECT our audiences into seamlessly immersing themselves into our web experiences and ultimately our products.

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OPVs Are Our VIPs

The most common question people ask me about our holistic hiring practices is how we continue to nurture and grow the family relationships we established during the employee vetting process.

To be honest, we weren’t really great at doing this at the very beginning. It wasn’t until my dear friend Carin told me about their flexible work program, Education Illumination Option (EIO), that we found our solution. Continue reading

From the Mouths of Babes

Creating a baby friendly office that increases productivity for the whole team

Family is everything. We work hard for our customers so that we can provide comfort and opportunity for our loved ones. Every team I’ve had the privilege of leading I’ve heard the same feedback, “Carin, we love what we do but we all just want to spend more time with our families.” I heard it loud and clear.  Continue reading