Small Slice, Big Pie

I always tip my barista. Even if it’s just for a small coffee, I tip. The smile as they hand me my first cup of coffee grounds me in simple humanity that reinforces the small connections we share that make this great ecosystem go around. You can’t quantify the impact of a smile. Trust me, my team tried. 

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From Headquarters to Heartbeat

People always ask me why we have an HB and not an HQ.

It’s certainly not a novel approach. In the last decade, many companies have cited moving away from physical headquarters in favor of virtual spaces. But this lets technology dictate your decision. Technology lacks heart and soul.

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How to Handle Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

How do you know if you need a mental health day?

It was six months to the date that I had returned from maternity leave. What a whirlwind. The growth of my first child was outpacing my business. This was my thought as I looked out the window of our new office. Our team was growing. We were adding more buildings. New teams. New life. As I watched the sunrise on that January day I had an unabating urge to run back home. I didn’t want to go to my meetings. I was booked in back to back one on ones, usually my favorite day, but I just wasn’t feeling ready. What was going on? This is when I knew I needed a mental health day.

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