Treat Yourself Like Number One by Leveraging Number Two

I make no secret about pushing for equality in the workplace. Coming up in the tech world as a woman was no easy task and it’s not any easier for the women who came after me. The big changes will come as the hard work of this generation of women will come through in the attitude and demeanor of the generation that follows us. We wait eagerly for these big changes but I constantly get questions from my mentees about what they can do today to make an impact for equality in the workplace. Like anything else, change starts with ourselves. How can our small behaviors today lead to greater changes tomorrow? Sometimes, it’s about what happens behind closed doors. Continue reading

From the Mouths of Babes

Creating a baby friendly office that increases productivity for the whole team

Family is everything. We work hard for our customers so that we can provide comfort and opportunity for our loved ones. Every team I’ve had the privilege of leading I’ve heard the same feedback, “Carin, we love what we do but we all just want to spend more time with our families.” I heard it loud and clear.  Continue reading

Horn Tooting and Strength Finding

I remember the first time I was called arrogant. They didn’t come right out and call me arrogant but I could see through their language. I was ten years old sitting embarrassed in a class of nearly all boys being chastised by the teacher for ‘tooting my own horn’. The phrase was alien to me. All I had said was that I was the best as reading aloud. Nothing was worse than waiting for the kids with poor annunciation to work their way through half a page when I knew I was more qualified and more capable in leading group reading.

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How to Handle Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

How do you know if you need a mental health day?

It was six months to the date that I had returned from maternity leave. What a whirlwind. The growth of my first child was outpacing my business. This was my thought as I looked out the window of our new office. Our team was growing. We were adding more buildings. New teams. New life. As I watched the sunrise on that January day I had an unabating urge to run back home. I didn’t want to go to my meetings. I was booked in back to back one on ones, usually my favorite day, but I just wasn’t feeling ready. What was going on? This is when I knew I needed a mental health day.

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