Using Human-Centered Design and Disruptive Thinking to Get More Email Addresses

As a creative, I pride myself on being a technologist. From ordering pizza online at 4:30am to switching on my home Sonos from Tahiti while my kids are sleeping, technology is part of our daily lives. If you work in marketing, then you’ve probably run up against something called “user experience” or “x-factor” for short. As marketers, we need to take a cue from the tobacco industry and learn how our products affect everyday humans, catering our design-thinking to generate more leads and speak to new audiences. Like Philipp Morris, we need to DISRUPT, COERCE, and INFECT our audiences into seamlessly immersing themselves into our web experiences and ultimately our products.

DISRUPT — Successful marketing is all about building a wide enough net. Nets can be hard to get out of, so it’s your job to build the knots tight enough using high-quality rope and enough pre-roll video content. It’s like you’re fishing, but for humans. Jesus Christ was a fisher of men that disrupted ancient Judaism, so just think of yourself as a martyr for technology. As a martyr, you need to disrupt user path through interstitials, gated content, and a litany of other legally-sanctioned phishing tactics.

After you’ve disrputed, the rest is really quite easy.

COERCE — Do you want to see this content? Do you want the keys to everlasting life in heaven? Then give me your email.

INFECT – You are now seated at the right hand of the Father. Congratulations.

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