“4 LinkedIn Tricks for Getting Your Freelance Career Off the Ground and Way Up Into the Sky”

If your like me and own you’re own business (I’m a copywriter) then you’ve probably learned how difficult it is getting your name out there and really connecting with the work that takes your business over the moon and INTO THE STRATOSPHERE.

When I first started, it was tough trying to land clients outside the realm of my soccer rec league or business owners hoping to do my dad a solid; but though all of this, I found that one of the most tried and trued methods for connecting with prospective clients was right in front of me the entire time. A little thing I like to call Linkedin.

1) Update your Headline Description — I can’t emphasize this enough. This is by far the easiest way for giving folks a sneak preview for what you’re all about. Prospective clients are always on the search for who is available for work and who isn’t, so making it desperately clear that you charge 35% under market-rate ultimately goes a long way.

2) Flattery is the Best Form of Flattery — If you’re connected to someone you want to work with, it doesn’t hurt to really engage with them on LinkedIn. Its just like in middle school when you had that crush on Susie Baker and laughed and smiled at everything she said like an idiot. Just like that crush, you need to crush their posts with an unwavering volume of engagement through comments, likes, and shares. It’s one way to make that personal connection, making it a little less awkward when you Direct Message them and eventually pee your pants from the anticipation.

3) A Picture is Worth a Thousand Characters — Make your profile picture stand out.  Sure, people are going to be able to read your profile and learn about your skills, but at the end of the day people want to know YOUR PERSONALITY. They want to WANT TO work with you. Most importantly, they want to make sure you’re young enough to not sleep and get the job done already. Why are we even paying you.

4) Mirror Your Brand — Branding is all about mirroring your customer and their personal attributes/desires. You need to put yourself in their shoes and THINK LIKE YOUR AUDIENCE. Consider making several dummy profiles to shower yourself with fake recommendations on your actual profile. Branding is an ecosystem you need to create — you just need to put in the work. But wait, branding is also mirror. Just make the fake accounts already.  

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