More than Content with Content Marketing

Copywriters, I’m looking at you. Why is it that every time we talk, the conversation always leads to you describing your life’s dream: write the next great American novel? Wake up! Don’t you see? You have created the next great American novel. Your words–your carefully crafted words–are plastered across Facebook newsfeeds, on blogs, on web banners hugging other content. It’s all part of a wonderful tapestry of the next great literary masterpiece.

How is this not obvious to you? Maybe you need some stats. Maybe you need to know that since 1982, reading for pleasure has dropped 24%. You know why? Because you’re bloody brilliant! Gene doesn’t need to wind down after work with a good book, because of your amazing knack for the written word. Gene saw what you did there with that clever Star Wars day pun. And the other day, when you wrote that killer CTA. Gene might not have known how long it took you to come up with “We’ve got you covered” to entice your audience to click through on this week’s hoodie sale. But you better bet it made Gene pause, nod and smile in delight, and feel at peace for that small window of time. Sure, a good book can do that. But books gather dust on a shelf. Marketing copy is out there. It’s in the world. It’s living life, and helping others live life.

So next time you start to feel like “I’m meant to do greater things,” just remember, you’re already doing great things.

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