Breaking up with “Marketing as a Relationship”

Can we finally all agree to stop the delusion that marketers are building relationships with customers? Connection, conversation, conversion. Who are we kidding? A gang of bobble heads whose only product is their ego decided to drown out any reasonable dialog on what makes good marketing with their incessant narcissism and now we are all the worse for it. You need look no further than your latest Facebook post to see the farce playing out in real-time–oh, and don’t get me started on RTM. It goes a little like this:

You wrote something to the effect of, “Hey fans, check out these five things for staying cool this summer.” You then got a dirge of responses to the tune of “Your company is foreign and doesn’t support babies,” and “I hate you, and here are the many reasons why…,” and “Marketer for hire. Qualifications are many.” Oh, and don’t forget the many bots that crawl Facebook and post some version of generic encouragement, “Good info, this is, like if you agree.

If this is a conversation, it’s a pretty confusing one, like when you talk to Nana and she can’t hear you but responds with what she hopes is something en point–and it never is. Oh Nana!

I will concede, however, that the bobble heads some how get a decent amount of real replies to their posts, but the relationship is terribly one-sided: Adoring followers of the Televangelist Marketer’s gospel seeking validation of their devotion being shunned by their hero day after day. Nice relationship.

Let’s be actually, sincerely genuine for once and stop pretending that we are trying to connect on some deep level. We’re not. We want you to buy our stuff so our company keeps making money. So let’s just tell it like it is.

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