From Headquarters to Heartbeat

People always ask me why we have an HB and not an HQ.

It’s certainly not a novel approach. In the last decade, many companies have cited moving away from physical headquarters in favor of virtual spaces. But this lets technology dictate your decision. Technology lacks heart and soul.

We have never called our main office space “headquarters”. The term fails to encapsulate the beating heart of our company. For starters, it is too grounded in the physical. The magic doesn’t happen in the building we occupy. It happens in our hearts. Yes, I said hearts. (You don’t have record growth when you develop products with your head, but you knew that already.)

It is also my personal mission to eliminate any micro-aggressions toward the fairer sex, and using a military term to describe our communal gathering spot, feels like a hop, step and a jump in the wrong direction.

The late Diana, Princess of Wales, put it best: “I don’t go by the rule book… I lead from the heart, not the head.”

Are you leading from the heart?

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